May 1 06 9:07 PM

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The rules are simple. Just post a stupid reason why the person above you should be banned. Depending on what you know about the person.


Person 1

Person 2: ^Banned for Having the name "Person 1"^

End of example ^_^ And since I'm the first person,

\/Banned for not being a mod\/ (I can tell how the next reply is going to go. >:) )

R473 73h M4p5 H3r3!

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I'm all Otaku, baby!

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May 1 06 11:12 PM

^Banned for not having an avatar

mcp3000: Banned for being a boisterous, self-righteous, gun-toting Texan.

That is funny nevermore...unless your being mean about it...*Pulls out double barrel shotguna and desert eagle*

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