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Jan 14 08 9:29 PM

Keeping the Ability to Pass Through Chaingun Bullet Line is a suggestion for N, not for NUMA, I'm afraid.

Edit: Sorry, messed up. Ignore this.

N is all about having fun, isn't it?
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Jan 24 08 5:52 AM

QUOTE (squibbles @ January 11, 2008 04:17 pm)
The level suggestion box conversation, where it is suggested that as well as a place to put your demos, it would be a good idea to have somewhere to put level sugestions for the map maker (in code)


Um, neither Maestro nor Arachnid have said anything about this, and 20/25 people who voted said yes, what should i do now to try to get it implemented?

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Sep 9 08 10:03 PM

QUOTE (GuitarHeroMatt @ September 09, 2008 06:44 pm)
Wow, subtle advertising Splint

Was just an example, I could have used any profile

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