Oct 16 08 12:20 AM

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I think it would be a good idea to regroup ALL the popular suggestions in one topic. If it has been approved, and you're the other of the idea please post. Please make sure that it hasn't been posted yet, and PLEASE don't post new ideas. This is not the place for that. It is a topic for for ALREADY approved ideas. And if any mod wants to edit my posts or change something about this first post, feel free to do it .

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Oct 16 08 6:23 PM

yere well, that maybe so, but while its here i may as well post...

my favourite of the all ready suggested ones will have to be the ability to have a ghost N in the background.

another would be the diagonal oneways, however these would not be implemented due to too many glitches becoming availiable.

there are loads more, but most of the others seem... irrelevant

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Oct 16 08 9:04 PM

yeah diagonal platforms would be fun. but vertical and horizontal ones already have so many glitches i think they should fix those first metanet/hm.gif . and ghost N, like one thats moving as did the highscorer one? maybe, although personally i think it should be a posibillity.

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