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Oct 11 08 10:20 PM

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after a year orso I am back!
for those who don't know me, I am a kinda of a jumper/race player. I saw this game on my computer and I thought lets play it again.

now I've seen that one of my maps got featured, and I got a little tear in my eye. so, is there anyone there that wants more of those maps?
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Oct 12 08 2:48 AM

Glad your back. Although you don't know me, I love your maps.

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Open to collab with most people
Wow my maps must really suck
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Oct 12 08 6:11 AM

Dude, your back! Get your but on NUMA and make us some amazing race maps again.

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Oct 14 08 10:20 PM

Ahahahha. uber_haxor came on IRC for the first time in a while yesterday, and when icluye to "GUESS WHO'S TOTALLY BACK," and he guessed you. Guess he'd seen this thread.

Anyway, George is right. Welcome back, no get you keister over to the new forum, meester.

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