Sep 30 08 12:39 PM

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for some stupid reason that I dont know, I've been disabled.

Multi-accounting? Give me a valid reason, I DON'T rate my own maps or bullshit like that, and I DON'T rate other maps twice.

So what is the problem?

QUOTE (Tsukatu @ September 23, 2008 04:06 am)
Ska, who had figured he might as well apply for a position, took careful notice of RunningNinja's interviewing style and tried his best to emulate it. Unfortunately, Ska does not have a gun on him, so he settles instead with frenzied stabbing of his foot with a ball-point pen.
This leaves most of the current staff sitting by in stunned, bewildered silence.

I hope neither of you have any up-coming job interviews.

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Sep 30 08 4:29 PM

Also, this sort of thing belongs in a PM, since this is something that only a specific few people could answer, so there is little point asking the whole community.

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