Sep 25 08 9:01 PM

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The idea is, you select Random Maps, then take the first one on the list and give your opinion on it. I'll contribute to this too, but first I need to write a review.

So what do you think? And would anyone like to help?

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Sep 25 08 9:06 PM

hmm ok, sounds fun.

do I write a review for it?



This looks like a man trying to kill himself from behind, you may not know it, but what funman is trying to do is rip his arse open without looking in this map.

The gameplay is very adept and rather choppy at certain points, funman is certainly having a lot of fun considering the name.

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This leaves most of the current staff sitting by in stunned, bewildered silence.

I hope neither of you have any up-coming job interviews.

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Sep 25 08 9:12 PM

Nice review, short and simple. Also, I forgot to add, don't review your own maps. Not that you did, Evil, that just slipped my mind earlier.

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Formerly kisler.
I'm ready to collab with most people any time.

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Sep 25 08 10:00 PM


upon a spider is a far from unique map. It seems as though this was another bad attempt at creativity. The concept used with the doors is rather sloppy and sometimes glitchy and annoying. The object and enemy position seemed not to be given much though, and as a result, the map has an awkward feel to it. Also, the gold is somewhat spammed, making it annoying rather than fun to get all the gold. But..

Despite all of this, the map is sort of entertaining. I would suggest playing this if you are curious now, but it is not a recommended play.

Final Judgment:

This was a great idea for a thread.

N is all about having fun, isn't it?
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