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Possibly allow us to set up a default map filter for the maps page on NUMA?

The way I see it working is letting us set up a filter (which we can now) and click a button to set it as our default filter. From then on when we go to the maps are it will show that custom filter by default. Selecting one of the default "tabs" (Hot Maps, Active Authors, Featured Maps, Random) and then clicking the button would set the default filter the same way that tab is set up.

This would be useful for those of us that find ourselves consistently changing our map filters every time we go there.

Allowing multiple saved filters would rock, but I realize that would take much more work.
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Sep 19 08 3:52 PM


QUOTE (Tsukatu @ September 23, 2008 04:06 am)
Ska, who had figured he might as well apply for a position, took careful notice of RunningNinja's interviewing style and tried his best to emulate it. Unfortunately, Ska does not have a gun on him, so he settles instead with frenzied stabbing of his foot with a ball-point pen.
This leaves most of the current staff sitting by in stunned, bewildered silence.

I hope neither of you have any up-coming job interviews.

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Sep 19 08 7:03 PM

Sure, that pager is there, but that shouldn't completely replace the subforum all together. his subforum is now for discussing suggested ideas.

Personally, I'm indifferent about this idea. Its seems pretty average to me, and not to have much use.

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QUOTE (blue_tetris @ Metanet Podcast 3)
kkstrong was nothing, alot of people stood in his way, and he just fought against adversity, he learned he lived, and he was admin at nmaps.net for a while. He is a great mapper, and ya know, thats why he is on the short list for the mod pick.

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